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Bidding Notice for the Curator of the Opening Ceremony of Brewery Arts Festival and Architectural Exhibition

1. 项目说明
1. Project Introduction
1.1 项目名称:
1.1 Project name: Bidding for the Curator of the Opening Ceremony of Brewery Arts Festival and Architectural Exhibition(Luohu·2021)
1.2 招标人:粤海置地(深圳)有限公司
1.2 Invited by: Guangdong Land (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.
1.3 项目地点:中国广东省深圳市罗湖区东晓街道太白路3008号
1.3 Project location: No.3008 Taibai Road, Dongxiao Street, Luohu District,Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China
1.4 项目概况
1.4 Project overview

Carrying the early historical memory of Shenzhen’s development, Kingway Brewery is the first case of industrial cultural heritage preservation in Shenzhen. Through activation of the site and historical buildings, the project aims to add an open and penetrating interface, form a venue with the full integration of culture and arts, intensify the design quality of public space, activate the potential energy of the site and sustain the urban memory.

The industrial heritage preservation site is located at the intersection of Dongchang Road and Taibai Road in Luohu District, Shenzhen,Guangdong Province,China. It takes on a rectangular shape and covers an area of approximately 11,600 square meters. From the perspective of the original functions of use, the buildings consist of a can plant, a fermenter plant and two sewage treatment stations as well as a sewage pool and a water tower (which has been demolished for safety purposes). The south of the plot is adjacent to the transit station Tai’an Station along Shenzhen Metro Line 5 and Line 7 and the north is near Buxin Station along Shenzhen Metro Line 7, offering convenient transport to the city center and active cultural landmarks.

1.4.1 Project size

Land area: Approximately 11,577 m2 (interim).
GFA: The current GFA is 8,701.97 m2 with a plot ratio of 0.8; an additional 15% of the GFA may be added.
景观面积:约11025.1 m2(以除去燃气集团燃气高压站设施用地的占地面积计算)。
Landscape area: Approximately 11,025.1 m2 (excluding the land area of the gas pressure regulating station of the gas group).
Building height (interim): 24m (can plant), 40m (water tower).

1.4.2 Conditions of existing buildings

①Can plant: Renovation of the existing facade has been completed. No building renovation is required. The building has four floors with a height of 24 meters;

②Fermenter plant: As a key area in the exhibition, it has well preserved equipment and space inside with superb flexibility and artistic value;
③Phase I sewage treatment station, ④Sewage pool, and ⑤Phase II sewage treatment station: The buildings have been used for years with broken internal structure. Activation is quite difficult and differentiation treatment is required for different levels of exhibition areas;
⑦Water tower: The internal structure has potential safety risks (It has been demolished). It can be rebuilt on the original site or the construction may be carried out based on the exhibition strategies.

1.5 Positioning and Goals

金威啤酒厂工业遗存的活化和改造, 将创造“啤酒厂艺术节”这一文化品牌,以全世界范围内工业遗存更新与活化案例展示(文献展)和城市装置展览作为核心内容,积极介入高速城市化进程中的城市生活。近中期目标,是通过全面对接2021年第九届深港城市\建筑双城双年展,作为深圳主展场或分展场,参与制造全球性的城市话题以及文化事件,呈现本地区的历史、文脉和工业遗产,为罗湖乃至深圳打造历史性名片,“在这里,我们希望帮深圳看世界,也让世界更好地认识罗湖”。
The activation and transformation of the industrial heritage of Kingway Brewery will create the cultural brand of" Brewery Arts Festival". With the worldwide industrial heritage renewal and activation case presentation (literature exhibition) as well as urban installation exhibition as the main content, it is actively involved in the urban life in the process of high-speed urbanization. The near and medium-term goals are to present the history, context and industrial heritage of the region by comprehensively docking the 9th Shenzhen-Hong Kong City/Architecture Biennial in 2021 and participating in the creation of global urban topics and cultural events as the main or sub-exhibition venue in Shenzhen, and create a historic business card for Luohu and even Shenzhen. "Here, we hope to help Shenzhen see the world and also help Luohu to be understood by the world".
According to the work deployment of Luohu District Government, the Bidding for the Curator of the Opening Ceremony of Brewery Arts Festival and Architectural Exhibition(Luohu·2021), has been launched. Domestic and international excellent teams are invited to participate in the project. It aims to collect the most creative proposal with international vision. This project intends to adopt the strategy of "curation + design": "lightly touching" and "city fermentation" strategy is used in the site planning and transformation design, the characteristics of industrial buildings are preserved and strengthened in the transformation of the site and buildings and structures, and the exhibition site itself is presented as an exhibit. In addition, certain content is injected. For example, holding various exhibitions and academic activities in a period of time provides a forward-looking strategy for the development of Shenzhen while activating the exhibition.
1.6 Tender scope: The project consists of curation and building renovation design.
(1) Curation includes without limitation the following items:
1) 搭建策划团队人员
1) Organize the planning team
2) 策划展览
2) Curate exhibitions
3) 文化区运营模式提案
3) Propose the operation mode of the cultural zone
4) 预算框架
4) Budget framework
5) 布展及实施
5) Exhibition arrangement and implementation
6) 宣传推广
6) Marketing and promotion
7) 展览整体各环节详细的执行时间计划
7) Detailed schedule for the execution of each exhibition link
(2) Based on all buildings and structures (renovated + new ones) on the industrial heritage preservation site, interior and landscapes, the building renovation design should give comprehensive consideration to the connection between indoor and outdoor exhibition space, visitors’ movement lines and venue and building signage system. The specific design contents include: building (renovated + new ones) proposal deepening to scheme deepening design; interior decoration of public space, venue landscape, lighting (buildings/ interior /landscape), sign concept to tender construction drawing design.
Specialized construction drawings for civil works, structure reinforcement, intelligence, construction drawing design for outdoor municipal works and all signature work for professional qualifications are excluded from this tender stage and will be covered in the second stage of the project (another invitation to tender).

1. 招标要求
2. Tender Requirements

2.1 Requirements for the tender qualifications:
1) The bidding applicant must have the documents certifying its qualification for an independent corporate entity or partnership or other forms of organization; and provide a copy of its business license or documents certifying its qualification for the bidder affixed with the official seal.
2) Joint bidding is not accepted for the project.
3) The bidding applicant should possess the capabilities of “curation” or “building renovation design”.
2.2 Performance requirements
The bidding applicant should at least have the experience in one of the following projects of the functions and nature similar to the project herein:
1) Since its establishment, the applicant has undertaken domestic (cities of the sub-provincial level and above) and foreign (international metropolises and regional central cities) public building renovation or public space renovation design projects (and a copy of the relevant contract(s) affixed with the official seal should be provided).
2) Since its establishment, the applicant has been engaged in the successful cases of hosting or curating domestic and foreign architectural or artistic exhibitions.
2.3 Application material:
The application material includes: duplicate of the business license or documents certifying the qualifications for bidding, similar performances (with the submission of the performances in two public building renovation or public space renovation design or curation projects), a letter of authorization, a copy of the authorizer’s identification document affixed with the corporate seal (or other valid documents) and the contact information of the responsible person (mobile phone, telephone, fax, e-mail, etc.).

3. Tender Rules

The invitation to tender will be carried out in two stages:
Stage I: Open application + preliminary review of qualifications;
Stage II: Proposal formulation and review.
3.1 第一阶段:公开报名+资格预审
3.1 Stage I: Open application + preliminary review of qualifications
The invitation to tender is open to the whole world in the form of international open application. It intends to engage domestic and foreign top design companies, art masters and related professional teams; meanwhile, announcements will be made on well-known websites, forums, newspapers and other related channels around the world to engage professional individuals or design institutions for open acquisition of creativity and proposed design. Five organizations will be shortlisted from the applicants through the preliminary review of qualifications to participate in the bidding.
3.2 第二阶段:提案编制及评审阶段
3.2 Stage II: Proposal formulation and review
The shortlisted organizations should submit the proposal documents in accordance with the Proposal Formulation Contents and Requirements. The Review Committee will review all the proposal documents submitted and select the top three.

4. Tender Schedule

Refer to the following table for the schedule:
Schedule (Interim)

Note: The time shown in the above schedule is Beijing time. The inviter reserves the right to adjust the schedule.

5. Award

The bidders will be awarded as follows based on the proposal review results in Stage II:
First place: an award of RMB800,000 (which, as a part of the contract payment, will be included in the total contract price and deducted from the contract payment).
Second place: an award of RMB400,000;
Third place: an award of RMB300,000;
Fourth and fifth places: an award of RMB150,000 respectively.

6. Acquisition of Application Material and Preliminary Qualification Review Documents

6.1 Please refer to the Schedule for the detailed deadlines. The applicant shall register at the inviter’s office before officially collecting preliminary qualification review documents.
6.2 Procedures for registration: 1) The applicant shall fill in the registration form at the inviter’s office; 2) Upon completion of the registration form, the staff of the inviter will confirm on the application qualifications of the applicant and record the registration.
6.3 Tender Q&A
Within the specified time, the applicant may send an email to the inviter for any questions on the preliminary qualification review documents. The inviter will reply to the questions via email correspondingly.
6.4 The applicant shall collect the preliminary qualification review documents while making the registration.

7. Media Publication of the Tender Notice

The notice is published concurrently on Archdaily (website: https://www.archdaily.cn/cn), Architecture BBS (website: http://www.abbs.com.cn), China Bidding (http://www.chinabidding.com.cn)and Shenzhen Special Zone Daily.

8. Inviter’s Contact Information

Contact person: Ms. Wang & Ms. Zhang
Tel: 86-10-0755-25516328-1535 & 86-10-0755-25018456  
Email: wanglijuan@gdland.cn & zhangjieyao@gdland.cn
地址:中国广东省深圳市罗湖区东湖街道太宁路2号百仕达大厦35层 粤海置地(深圳)有限公司 招标采购部
Address:Procurement Department, Guangdong Land (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., F/35, Baishida Building, No. 2 Taining Road, Donghu Sub-district, Luohu District,Shenzhen,Guangdong Province,China
Postal code: 518001

Date: May 23, 2019
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