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My comment:

I am writing here to include architecture creativity what the authors of “The Creativity Crisis” have excluded. More that creativity in architecture has its own context. Nevertheless, the article has invaluable insights into creativity in general.

我在这里撰写的内容包括“创意危机”的作者没有包括的建筑创意。更多的是,建筑创意有其自己的背景。 尽管如此,这篇“The Creativity Crisis”对整体的创意有着宝贵的见解。

Architecture, in particular is viewed as a creative activity. Throughout Western architecture history
slowly architecture transformed until more transformations to take place and to take root for years to come. Each of the transformation can be seen as use of creativity that accomplishes something new.

建筑尤其被视为一种创造性的活动。 纵观西方建筑史缓慢的架构转变,直到更多的转变发生并在未来几年扎根。 每一个转变都可以被看作是创造力的运用,从而实现新的事物。

Even though architecture evolves and creates new look or methods it still must possess the few unchanged fundamentals. Space and light are essentially what purposes architecture is striving for. As fundamental as they are of which human left their cave for a long time we are still in awe when confronted with inspiring space and light created in architecture. Here we have infinite opportunity to strive to attain inspiring space and light with the use of creativity.

尽管架构发展并创造出新的建筑材料或方法,但它仍然必须拥有几乎没有改变的基础。空间和光线本质上是建筑所追求的目的。 长期以来,人类离开自己的洞穴,至关重要,在面对建筑创造的激励空间和光明时,我们依然敬畏。在这里,我们有无限的机会去争取用创造力来获得鼓舞人心的空间和光线。

In the age of technology advancement both in material and means in construction the temptation of creating unusual shape and unprecedented size in architecture often using architecture mainly for shocking value. Along the way overuse of space and light to bring shock to the public. If there is creativity it is plentifully misused.


As I have lamented before when facing some of the shocking new architecture I feel the following that architecture creativity should not be imitation of nature. I can go to nature to seek beauty of nature.

When I want to see a rock, I climb a mountain.
When I want to see curves, I look up the sky for the clouds.
Nature’s beauty hardly man can imitate.



I see creativity in architecture a very challenging endeavor that requires good discipline that works within a context of its environment harmoniously. To be creative and correct is a challenge in architecture. Much less it is treating architecture as a product without its past root. Perhaps architecture creativity is a crisis too.

我看到建筑的创造力是一项非常具有挑战性的工作,需要在情境和谐的环境下进行良好的纪律。 要创造性和正确是建筑的挑战。更少的是把建筑当作一种没有过去根源的产品来对待。


A questionable architectural creativity. 一个可疑的建筑创意

Is this architectural creativity inspiring? 这个建筑创意是否令人鼓舞?

Light and space, but still a questionable architectural creativity. 空间和光线,但仍然是一个可疑的建筑创意

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鸟儿向南飞 wrote:

My report is about creativity crises in general in US which does not I believe include architectural creativity.

There is no easy answer to what architectural creativity is. So at such it requires even more search for the understanding of it.

To many architects creativity is not a prerequisite in their work. In fact US does not test architect for their creativity. Bad and irrelevant architecture gets to be built everyday everywhere.
对许多建筑师来说,创造力并不是他们工作的先决条件。 实际上,美国不会为他们创造力作测试。 坏的和不着边际的建筑每天到处都得拔地而起。

Nowadays whether creativity in architecture is related with good architecture is blurring seeing from long history perspective in architecture. For a long time architects struggled to overcome gravity to create space and light with the use of columns and beams and each epoch of time architects strived to be creative within that struggle. Creativity in architecture for me is in the context of those struggles.

When creativity in architecture discontinue what architecture has been is like asking a poet to invent new words to make poetry. The information and world travelling age architectectural creativity is not an inaccessible experience.

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