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第三届建筑学研究生研讨会 (香港中文大学)

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Third Interdisciplinary Architectural Postgraduate Workshop 2011
The third Interdisciplinary Architectural Postgraduate Workshop will be hosted by the School of Architecture, The Chinese University of Hong Kong on the 28-29 April 2011. MSc, MPhil, and PhD students of Architecture, Architectural History, Urban Planning and related fields are invited to share their research on this platform in order to facilitate future collaborations in potential research objects. Focus will also be placed on Building Science, Architectural Design and Heritage Preservation.
Current students and recent graduates are strongly encouraged to prepare papers and posters. Collaboration with their research supervisors are recommended to ensure submissions with high quality. Accepted papers will be published in the Workshop Proceedings.
Interested parties may submit papers or posters on the following topics related to the built and human environment:
1.Advance in Building Design: Computer aided design, simulation tools for building performance, integrated design, intelligent buildings
2. Energy Efficiency: Solar energy, sustainable building design, low energy, passive and zero energy buildings
3. Quality of Internal and External Environment: Functional and operational quality of buildings, indoor climate, lighting design, urban climate, urban planning and design
4. Contemporary Urban Design and History: Architectural design and urban development in the process of modernization
5. Vernacular Dwellings: Research on indigenous built forms, from their construction to implications
6. Heritage and Conservation of Architecture: Problems and responses to heritage buildings today, and re-assessment of their values
Proposals for papers should take the form of abstracts of papers and should be prepared in the following format: title of paper, author(s) name, affiliation, address, e-mail address, contact phone number, keywords and an abstract of no more than 300 words.
Please submit abstracts by email to Mr Kevin Lau at:
Abstracts of papers must be received on or before 4 March 2011.
Notification of whether abstracts have been accepted will be provided by 11 March 2011.

School of Architecture
The Chinese University of Hong Kong


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Mr Kevin Lau:



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