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中国教堂印象   [精华]

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Churches of Singapore

1-St Andrews Cathedral

Saint Andrew's Cathedral at 11 St Andrew's Road, is an Anglican Cathedral, located next to the City Hall MRT. Named after the Patron Saint of Scotland, it is the oldest Anglican House of worship in Singapore. It was designed by Lt-Col. Ronald Macpherson, with detailed work done by John Bennet and construction by Indian convict labourers.

2-Armenian Church

Armenian Church of St. Gregory the Illuminator, SingaporeThe Assomption Catholic Church, Talat Yai, Mueang Phuket 83000 The land of Christian Orthodox Church in Phuket, Talang District Soi Nanai Seventh Day Adventist Church, 4/6 Moo 3, Thepkrasattri Road, Tambon Rasada, Phuket
83000. (076) 212-386 Hope of Chalong Church Chalong, Mueang Hope of Phuket International Church, Ko Kaeo, Mueang Phuket, 83000 Cherngtalay Church, 48/92 Moo 4, Cherngtalay, Amphur Talang, Phuket 83110. Phone: Zion Church of Phuket, Chalong, Mueang Phuket, Phuket 83130, 83130, Thailand‎ Phuket Christian Centre, 74/123 Phunphon Road, Phuket Town, Phuket 83000. Phone: 246380,

3-thedral of the Good Shepherd

The Armenian Apostolic Church of St Gregory the Illuminator, is in the central district, located at Hill Street and bounded by Armenian Street and High Street. It was built by G. D Coleman in 1835, making it the oldest church building in Singapore. It was gazetted as a national monument on 6 July 1973. Although a small community, the Armenians were able to procure land early for the building of this classical structure.The Cathedral of the Good Shepherd, stands at the junction of Queen Street and Bras Basah Road. It is the earliest Catholic church in Singapore and is today the seat of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese and Archbishop. The foundation stone for the Cathedral was laid on 18 June 1843 and construction was completed by 1847.A national monument, tastefully lit up every night

4-t Joseph's Church

In 1825, Father Francisco da Silva e Maia founded the Portuguese Mission on the site where St. Joseph's Church now stands. The church lays claim to being the first place of Catholic worship in Singapore. Opened in 1912 and replacing the old church building, this architectural marvel is structured in the form of a Latin cross and boasts beautifully crafted stained glass windows. St Joseph's Church was gazetted as a conservation building in 1993.
4-t Theresa's Church

5-ampong Kapor Methodist Church

by RafflesCityIt all began in November 1890, in the downstairs study room of the Deaconess Home in Sophia Room. Upon request, Miss Sophia Blackmore, missionary to Singapore, started a Sunday Malay language worship service. The little group included 25 "native" girls from the mission hostel, boys from Epworth Home and Malay-speaking Christian workers from the neaby Mission Press and the 2 missionaries.

7-rchard Road Presbyterian Church

by RafflesCityThe Orchard Road Presbyterian Church, a.k.a. Greja Kechil and the Scots Church, is the earliest Presbyterian church in Singapore. It currently runs services in multiple languages.The East India Company contributed $250 towards a building which became the Mission Chapel. A sizeable proportion of Scots had been worshipping there, thus the Mission Chapel was nicknamed the "Scots Church". In 1822, a meeting was held amongst them with the objective of forming the first local Presbyterian congregation but it was not realised until 1856, when the Rev Thomas McKenzie Fraser arrived in Singapore.

8-ormer Convent of the Holy Infant Jesus

Church in the cityCHIJmes in Victoria Street began as the Convent of the Holy Infant Jesus, established in 1852, initially as an orphanage then later as a school for girls. It stands today as a commercial site, but its chapel and adjoining intricately carved buildings have been preserved.

9-hurch of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Church of Our Lady of LourdesChurch Of Our Lady Of Lourdes 50 Ban San Street, 188690 +65 6294 0624 ‎The Church of our Lady of Lourdes, at Ophir Road, was built in 1888 by father Joachim Alexander Marie Meneuvrier. Located near Serangoon Road, this Roman Catholic church was originally meant for Indian Catholics, particularly the Tamils, but it now caters to Catholics of all races. It is named after the Church of our Lady of Lourdes, located at Lourdes, France. 10-hurch of St Peter and St PaulThe Church of Saints Peter and Paul was built in 1870. Located on Queen Street, the church is historically associated with the growth of the Chinese Catholic community in Singapore. Besides funding from the French Catholic community, the local Chinese Catholics also contributed to the church's establishment. The church was gazetted as a national monument in 2003.

10-esley Methodist Church

Methodism in Singapore began in early 1885, after the arrival of the Reverend William Fitzjones Oldham (b.1854 - d.1937) who became the first resident Methodist missionary. The first worship services were held at the Town Hall (today's Victoria Memorial Hall) and the Christian Institute (at the corner of Waterloo Street and Middle Road, the building still stands today!) until December 1885. This English Church, as it was then called, had its first chapel at Coleman Street, which was dedicated on 15 December 1886. The congregation expanded over the years, and in 1907, Singapore Government granted a 3,530 sq m site at Fort Canning for a new Church. The first worship service at this new Methodist Episcopal Church was held on Christmas Day 1908, and on 4 February 1909, it was dedicated by its Singapore founder, the Reverend Oldham, now Bishop William F. Oldham. On 7 January 1910, the church was renamed Wesley Methodist Church after John Wesley, the founder of Methodism.

11-Prinsep Street Presbyterian Church
Prinsep Street Presbyterian Church 77 Prinsep Street, 188649 +65 6337 0595 ‎The Prinsep Street Presbyterian Church (Chinese微笑 is a Presbyterian church in Singapore. It is located at Prinsep Street in the Rochor Planning Area, within the Central Area in Singapore's central business district. The present church was constructed in 1930. Founded in 1843, it was then known as the Malay Chapel. It was the first Straits Chinese church in Singapore. The chapel was ... - (GNU Free Documentation License)


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Yang zhongyi Priest

山西晋城市泽州县大箕古堡•圣母玫瑰堂,始建于1904年,为欧式教堂与晋商古堡两种建筑风格的结合体,中国唯一 的古堡教堂 。一百年来 ,战争 与 暴力在它的周围连绵不断的发生,它遍历政权交替,自身身份也数次改变,83岁的杨忠义神父不离不弃,坚守50年。

Shanxi 晋城市 泽州县 omi the castle dates from the virgin, 1904 to a continental church and the dealer the two style of architecture, a combination of china's only the church. a hundred years of war and violence it further. it traverses regime, its own identity, several times change, aged 83 杨忠义 the priest does not, by 50 years.


The castle bears western religions in china's survival is the state of the storm, but it was some day in each time. in this has nothing to do with politics, the spiritual power come from rome to wear remained, but it is a castle, a person, in this century's strong and keep calm, the same.


The catholic church building and the scope of the building, construction of a brilliant, but the cultural history of the city, it bears a historical information, especially the history of modern information and protection of information.


Therefore, from the chinese and western cultures, local cultural and religious buildings in the western cultures. thus, the enthusiasm of the mission activities in china, and their mission on the play is rather large.


They can be said to be history and culture 先驱者 east and west, east and west, the chinese culture and the renaissance of western culture, a splendid chinese civilization and the world to become a true culture of communication and the facilitator.


one: the existing archetypal european castle in the catholic church, the church to stand firmly century, the whole wall with a stone to stone to rely on non-proliferation is built of stone, entrenched. the unique style, chapel, houses and unity, the church stands on a small the mountain, overlooking the town. the town a year of prosperity and the church. in an ancient church aoishi the path. Gently open the door and the deep rosy and quiet.

二:泽州县大箕古堡•圣母玫瑰堂。教堂拉丁十字型平面,砖石结构;面积有3000平方米。罗马式建筑风格的城堡式天主教堂。1900年光绪26年,因为发生教难,由山西长治教区的荷兰籍文神甫和艾神甫避难来到大箕镇. 2年后教难平息,1902年就选址购地开始建设. 当地一官宦出资, 一百多年了,这个教堂保存完好,文革过后,至今仍在使用中。

Two : omi the castle rose. the church hall of the latin plane, brick structures ; area will have square meter. roman style of building castles in the catholic church. the young emperor 26 in 1900 years of teaching, because there is, by shanxi changzhi the parish priest and the dutch immigrant asylum to omi town. 2 years after the hard, and is addressing 1902年 construction began. local expense of a hundred years, the church to preserve intact and the cultural revolution, Still in use.


This year three : 82 years of the 1928 jincheng Yang zhongyi Priest was born in beijing. in 1949 the little library of the study is well grounded in latin. in 1956 was graduated from beijing college jincheng and began to 32 years working production .1988 years of reform and opening up, went to church no masamoto priest wages, income is the congregation in the mass of donations by faithful the young age, and the cppcc national committee, jincheng now the $5,000 a year of living.


Four : the castle is about 100 meters wide and about 40 metres, the construction of 1900, 300 years ago, the old castle, the remnants of the wall and gate, 100 years ago, in the castle above build a church. about 400 years ago. 1840, catholic incoming jincheng . omi roman catholic cathedral style of architecture, from the heights and looked like a crossbow, , when the ships are expensive, is through the rough sea. it has been calm himself with its own mystery.


Five : roses before the hall rose and tender flowers as a symbol of peace and dignity of pride. the roses in the name is bound up with war. a medieval religious war, the catholic the army will be a victory of the mother's help, as the mother of success that name, but too violent, "rose by 's mother." the little castle the source is the teaching difficult,War in the church body stretching from there, only gently brushing.

六:荷兰神父设计了一口钟,大小比例,铜多少,锡多少都经过仔细计算,非常讲究。据说那钟声,能翻过大箕到上后都能听得到。.每天中午12点准时打钟,的比例敲打。一共18次。内部悬挂一口老钟(文化大革命时被拿去大练钢铁了). 钟楼高18米,1988年重修文革时被毁坏的尖顶。

Six : the priest a clock, the size scale, copper, how much are careful calculations, very nice. it is said that, omi to be turned on you can hear a noon on time. bell, in the proportion of the 18 times suspended. within the old clock ( cultural revolution was to play a big steel ) tower of 18 meters high. in 1988 to repair the cultural revolution was the pinnacle.

七:教堂正门入口直看过去尽头就是祭台,在教堂的正面,祭台右侧就是钟楼, 教堂内座位有200个最高峰时是圣诞节,能够挤满300多人.教堂内部共有12根红色的柱子.柱子底座是可爱的动物雕塑石础,柱与地面的衔接部分,和柱组成完整房柱。兔子还有兽的动物形象.教堂柱头采用欧式古典风格式样,现在涂上了油漆掩盖了华丽的本质。

Seven : the church's main entrance and looked at the end of the dais. in the face to the right side is inside the church tower and seats 200 highest peak at christmas, with more than 300. the interior 12 a red pillars. the base of the statues and stone animals, a preliminary to the ground, and the next part of the integrity of the room. the rabbit was still a beast of animals. the stigma the european classical style and it's a paint covered the essence.

八:杨忠义神父经历过20年的劳改,那时候他就是 “牛鬼社神”的神,必须挂牌子扫大街。后来做会计帮大家计工分。因为他是村里人敬重的文化人。他的眼里没有愁苦老人那种特有的阴霾很亮。他至今还记得那一心想嫁给他的姑娘,神父是要全心全意奉献给天主,不能结婚,没有家庭,教会就是他的家,但是最终还是没有娶她。直至她的去世,他是主持葬礼的人。

Eight :Yang zhongyi Priest of the experienced 20 years of prisoners, when he is the "ox ghosts the" god, which must be hung over the street. then do you account for 计工. because he is the village of men of letters. his eyes very old man is the characteristic of the fog is very bright. he still remember that was going to marry him, the priest is to give wholehearted dedication to the lord, to get married, no family, the church is his home, but did not marry her. Until her death, he is at a funeral.


Nine : castle there are several kilometers high wall and looked out of perspective, the wall by a few meters a fired. the wall in the only one position for two or three small cave in the war of resistance to the protection of the old man and boy. the most dangerous one time, the japanese lead to the castle gate in the dangers, as a ceremony, the priest wore a mass of the costumes, and took the gun from the castle gate went out and looked at the japanese soldier.

十:杨忠义神父设计的那幅壁画:一块平坦的巨石漂浮在海上,迎着红日,小寨教堂就建在一块巨石上,像一个隐喻。由于爆晒颜色已经褪去,左上角有一行拉丁文隐约可辨,“TU ES PETRUE”你就像那磐石。我再给你说:你是伯多禄(磐石),在着磐石上,我要建立我的教会,阴间的门决不能战胜她。------新约,玛窦福音16章18节。

Ten : Yang zhongyi Priest of the design of the macabre :A piece of flat floating in the sea, rocks in the sun, the little castle the church was built in a huge rock, as a metaphor. as a colour has faded out, the upper left corner is a line of latin make up, "tu es petrue" do you like the rocks. i'll give you say you are: rock, in a rock, and i want to build my church, the gates of hades not prevail over her. the new testament, ma aren chapter 16 18 section.


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教堂内有精致的圣雅各布伯雕像以及圣母花地玛、伊莎贝皇后的瓷砖图像。据说,圣雅各布伯是澳门的军事保卫者,他经常在城内巡逻以致靴上沾满泥污,有一名士兵专责为雕像的靴子作清洁。若这名士兵忘了抹靴,便会被圣像的佩剑敲头示警。圣地牙哥炮台是位于澳门民国大马路,内港的入口处,是澳门旧日军事防卫系统的一部份,就在著名风景区西湾的末尾,面临十字门江口,扼澳门内港咽喉,是保卫西岸的前哨,形势最为险要。 1981年古堡垒改为五星级酒店,并在在过去,圣地牙哥炮台与大炮台和东望洋炮台组成一道坚固的外围军事防线。


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澳门教堂印象 7月出版


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《筑/迹 陈小铁摄影作品展》
《French church inchina--Marco chen.s photo Exhibition》
主 题:法式教堂建筑在中国
展 馆:逵园艺术馆
展 期:2012年11月19日至12月13日
地 址:广州市越秀区恤孤院路9号(***三大会址正对面)
停 车:***三大会址旁有停车场
地 铁:一号线东山口站A出口 署前路--庙前直接街--恤孤院路



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janvier wrote:
“看教堂何必到欧洲”,这么说似乎有些过了,不过我大概明白你的意思,意在强调中国也有灿烂的基督教建筑遗产,但从这些建筑产生的种种背景来看,毕竟不能和西欧中古时代的罗曼哥特同日而语,不过就像你说的那样,它们“在中国表现出特别的一面”,期待ing, 加油^_^

说的太好了。 有一些人只是知道 批评别人的观点,且不说楼主对不对,自己对不对,总是把自己当大神!鄙视那群人


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