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2014-12-03 10:28 查看他的注册信息   查看他的Blog 给他发送悄悄话 引用并回帖 搜索他发表的帖子 复制到剪贴板. 
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艺术家Tom Price为伦敦西敏寺***院的花园创作了一组有意境的艺术装置,装置的主体是一棵跨度12米的树木,这棵使用青铜和塑料锻造的树木,其蔓延

非常感谢Tom Price将以下内容授权gooood发行。
Appreciation towards Tom Price for providing the following description:

Sculptural commission for The Courthouse, Westminster, London.
Tom Price 2014

Curated by Future City and Commissioned by the developers, Barratt London, for the newly built Courthouse apartments on Romney Street in
Westminster, Vyner Tree establishes a direct historical linkto its location as the site of a former vineyard, once used to produce wine for the Abbot of
Westminster Abbey.

Spanning some 12 metres, the sculpture rises up and through a living green wall, its shimmering leaves overlookingaprivate courtyard on one side and
Romney Street on the other.

The foliage, cast in bronze from masters made from partially melted plastic pipe, is patinated black on one side and polished to a mirror finish on the other.

The result is a contemplative work of art with an iridescent surface as changeable as the weather.

At its base are three rocks, sourced from the picturesque Mountains of Northern Bohemia and cast in bronze. A simple polishedslice or tunnelthroughthe
rocks serves as an interface for children to slide on, climb through or explore.

Artist: Tom Price
Client: Barratt London
Consultant / Curator: Future City
Fabricators: Tom Price; HVH Spol; Sam Neal Metalworks


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