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Since the talk “城市与道路 · 选择胜于规则” on TEDX in 2003 of which I pointed out that gated housing communities reduce roads in city. Thirteen years later government is “opening up gated developments to public roads for more efficient use of land and ease traffic.”

I will scrutinize further my advocacy the notion that gated developments caused traffic jams in Chinese cities. The love of gated development may easily defended by the concern for safety, security and cleaner air (no traffic within development).

The hidden psychic as I see it is the long tradition of village living of an agricultural society. Security is fortified by occupants with same family name such we still can find today in China. There are Cheung Family Village or Yuan Family Village.

However such emotional attachment to history for feeling of security in a city environment makes little sense when occupants must venture outside of the development to go to work. It is this big group of working people who must find means to travel to elsewhere in the city and thousands may have to go to Baidu Village or China Oil Village.

The quantitative discrepancy between large road users and little roads to accommodate them brings forth the fundamental helper to gated development in causing traffic jams in the city. The more gated development the more traffic jams there will be. It is the reality






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