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R.I.P. Professor Vincent Scully 文森特·斯库利教授

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2017-12-21 19:12 查看他的注册信息   查看他的Blog 给他发送悄悄话 引用并回帖 搜索他发表的帖子 复制到剪贴板. 
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I am in most grateful mood for having sat on Vincent Scully lectures on architecture at Yale upon receiving news about his passing away.

His once-a-week lecture drew students traveled for two hours from Harvard. While informative his lectures were most liven. He used a pole taller than himself crisscrossing it like a car rain wiper at a or two very large projector screens of 12 feet tall. I could never forget the Beethoven's Symphony No. 9 firing cannon resonated in the lecture hall at the Sterling Library with beats referencing the Baroque façade columns standing like soldiers at the Palace of Versailles. Neither could I ever forget the expansion of visual experience with photo slides of water in the ponds at Versailles nor did the courtyard at Kahn’s Salk Institute that the water and the earth expanding infinitely away connecting the heaven in the sky. Scully enthusiastically offered his perception and appreciation.

May he rest in peace who deserves so much by his long teaching career giving students in US and abroad inspired to become the most influential architects.

John Yuan
’79 M Arch Yale University

我在最感激的心情在耶鲁上过文森特·斯卡利Vincent Scully建筑讲座一经收到他逝世的消息。

他每周一次的讲座甚至吸引远航两小时来自哈佛的学生。他的讲座内容丰富多彩, 他用一个比自己更高的杆子像汽车雨刮器纵横交错一个12英尺高非常大的投影仪屏幕上。

我永远无法忘记贝多芬的第9号交响乐炮发射的大炮共振斯特林图书馆Sterling Library的演讲厅有节拍如投影的凡尔赛宫外墙立柱跟士兵站岗一样。我不能忘记在凡尔赛宫池塘的水上幻灯片的视觉体验的扩展。我也没有忘记康的索尔克研究所 Salk Institute的庭院。它们的水和地拓展无限远与上天连接。斯卡利 Scully 热情地提出了他的看法和欣赏。


John Yuan
’79 建筑硕士, 耶鲁大学

袁自强 edited on 2017-12-23 14:07


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Louis Kahn is added as a colleague.


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2018-01-16 11:06 查看他的注册信息   查看他的Blog 给他发送悄悄话 引用并回帖 搜索他发表的帖子 复制到剪贴板. 
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A memorial service for Vincent Scully, Sterling Professor Emeritus of the History of Art, will be held on Saturday, January 20, 2018 at 1 p.m. in Battell Chapel (at the corner of Elm and College streets in New Haven). A reception will follow at the Yale University Art Gallery from 3 p.m.-5:30 p.m. Both events are open to all.


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