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Jane Jacob’s Walking City 简·雅各布的步行城市

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Ken Gordon | Essays
Jane Jacobs Took It to the Streets

My comment:

Jane Jacob’s Walking City

City life: “liken it to the dance—not to a simple-minded precision dance with everyone kicking up at the same time, twirling in unison and bowing off en masse, but to an intricate ballet in which the individual dancers and ensembles all have distinctive parts which miraculously reinforce each other and compose an orderly whole.”

I learned about Jane Jacobs and her writing on city planning in my college days studying Environmental Design which is a more encompassing study than Architecture. That was in the early 70s of last century. Yet Jacobs’s writing unfortunately still relevant to the idea what city should be. In my talk and essay that pertained to city my thought partake much on her principles. Always has been living in city I never owned a car especially there is a reason I can justify living in New York City.

New York City of Manhattan and its other boroughs are planned on a grid system of rectangular blocks varying in length. Jacobs’s importance of streets which lives really take place in city can’t be truer in New York City. The rectangular blocks and their streets create endless relationships that encouraged by endless union of neighborhoods. The grid system facilitate reality how complex people actually live and behave. Big gated community blocks in China’s cities are so deprived of opportunities to meet people with confidence in the streets or be participants in variety of neighborly gatherings.



城市生活: “把它比作舞蹈 - 而不是一个精神恍惚的舞蹈,每个人都同时踢起来,一起旋转,一起鞠躬,但一个复杂的芭蕾舞 个别的舞者和乐团都有独特的部分,奇迹般相互加强,构成一个有序的整体。”

在我的大学时代,专科环境设计(Environmental Design),这是一个比建筑更为全面的学科。 那是在上个世纪70年代初知道了简·雅各布斯(Jane Jacobs)和她关于城市规划的文章。 然而,雅各呼吁更好的城市规划,不幸的仍然是必要的。在我关于城市的谈话和文章中,我的思想很大程度上依赖于她的原则。 我一直住在城市从来没有拥有一辆车,特别是居住在纽约市。

纽约市曼哈顿和其他行政区规划建在长方形不同长度的街道和路网格系统上。 雅各布斯真正在城市生活的街道的重要性不能比在纽约市更真实。长方形的街块和街道之间创造了无穷无尽的关系,受到无尽的邻里联盟的鼓舞。街道和路网格系统便于实际复杂的人们生活和行为。 中国城市封闭的住宅社区剥夺了有信心与街头的人相处的机会,或是参加各种睦邻聚会的机会。

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I was also introduced to Jane Jacobs in architecture school in my design theory class. Even though she was never an architect herself, she probably had more of an influence on my thoughts about the city than any other architect we studied. It is hard to know how relevant her thoughts and observations are today but for the time they were spot on. Adam Mayer

The adverse effect of cars on urban city remains unresolved. Urban crime nowadays escalated to hate crime etc. These physical and social problems unfortunately are with us of which Jane Jacobs persuasion still can’t win but they are still relevant. Like Le Corbusier, Frank Lloyd Wright, Christopher Alexander or many others who looked for utopia in how we should live their idea is as relevant but as impossible to achieve because human being has not change much basically over time.   John Yuan

Very true John. I think the problem with Corbusier and other utopian idealists is that they ignored the fundamental reality of human nature. Jane Jacobs at least did a better job of articulating things as they actually happened in the city. I think designers need to pay much better attention to how human nature operates a coem up ways to incrementally improve the living experience without resorting to pie-in-the-sky utopian proposals. Adam Mayer


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New cities in China that is planned by the principle of garden city with plenty of landscape between buildings are not easy walking city. The lack of shops make walking uneventful or time consuming even to do an errant.

A city like New York Manhattan is dense with streets that filled with shops of different kind and pedestrians. Streets there are truly rooms as Louis Kahn defined is a place where activities occurred.

Large development projects particularly for gated community further make easy walking impossible.




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