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Advantages in CMU / No Beam / No Load Bearing Wall Design

There are differences in structural requirements of structures in US and China. Reinforced concrete block for walls, lintel and column are not acceptable in China. CMU is not allowed in China for building structural purpose. Concrete column and plate construction with no supporting beams method is also not acceptable in China.

Using concrete blocks in construction for structural purpose instead using pour-in-place concrete can save construction time and formwork hence fast in delivery time with less cost. Using reinforced concrete block method can achieve similarly like reinforced concrete the required fire-rating and protection from insects and security from break-in.

With no-supporting beam, plate and column construction method was first publicized by Le Corbusier’s Domino House design in 1914.

It has great design advantage that without beams thus giving freedom to design the interior layouts otherwise interfered by beams. More flexibility in interior layout if load-bearing walls are also eliminated. Wall and partition can have a wide range of choice of building materials that can include masonry, steel stud and gypsum wallboard or glass plate. They all make future changes including adaptable other use more possible.

More sunlight and daylight can be brought into a room if the top of its window is without a beam across it.

There are savings in construction cost and time in plate and column construction method comparing with supporting beam construction method.

Here I introduce a townhouse which adopted steel reinforced CMU construction method for supporting wall and steel C-joist for flooring support. The townhouse is for one family use plus commercial use on ground floor with a cellar. It has 9550 square feet total and it is located in New York City. New York City Building Code requires compliance to Seismic Zone 2 standard (vs Zone 4 for California).

The project consists of 60 sheets of drawings including those for zoning application and building specification. In the presentation of the project here, working drawings are partially presented which were all drawn in ink with lead letterings all by myself. Color and annotations are added for this presentation.


美国和中国结构的结构要求存在差异。中国不允许使用混凝土砌块作结构用途。中国加筋混凝土砌块墙,连梁和柱是不可接受的。 没有梁的混凝土立柱和板结构在中国也是不为接受。



无梁,钢筋混凝土柱和板的施工方法,最早是由勒·柯布西耶的Domino House设计在1914年公布。








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美国和中国结构要求存在差异。中国不允许使用混凝土砌块作结构用途。中国不可接受加筋混凝土砌块墙,连梁和柱。 没有梁的混凝土立柱和板结构在中国也不为接受。


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