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The strength of a legacy.

Our history is the foundation for our success. Established in 1935, Perkins+Will quickly gained national and international recognition for client service and design accomplishments in Education and Healthcare. Expansion was fast paced. The firm was soon gaining acclaim for its work in the areas of Corporate + Commercial + Civic Architecture, Higher Education, and Science + Technology. The firm established a stronghold in its Interiors discipline that continues to reach across all of Perkins+Will’s areas of practice. Branded Environments, Strategy, and Planning evolved in recent decades, seamlessly blending our areas of practice with disciplines.


As decades passed, the firm leveraged its core competencies and global reputation. Offices were opened around the U.S. and success stories were forged across North America, Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Europe. Today, Perkins+Will has completed projects in 49 states and 43 countries around the globe. We are privileged to be among the nation’s most respected design firms with nearly 70 years of award-winning work and the distinction of the American Institute of Architects (AIA) Firm of the Year award. Perkins+Will celebrates its rich history and continues to build a legacy that leads our clients into the future.



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来点实在的,你们要做模型的人吗? skechup和max的模型,

well, you great attractive team, and you need more modeler for your business now? based on the sketchup and 3ds max ,


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